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Winter mode is ON!

Another month went by and it seems that the time is flying than it should! So now let’s get those skies out and prepare ourselves for the winter fun. There are a few updates from this month so be sure to stay tuned.

This newsletter issue will talk about:

  • Sechszylinder Art Collab at OBS Germany Base
  • Preparations for GP Ice Race
  • Icons of Porsche

Sechszylinder Art & OneBoy’s Story

OBS Base in Germany now feels like home more than ever with this new gallery that we hung up.I met this amazing guy at the Nürburgring track, we got into  talking and I immediately understood that we have so much in common.

Buddy, if you are reading this, I am so happy to call you my friend!

Let’s welcome to the family Nikita Karagozov from Sechszylinder Art! This guy is a true Porsche fanatic and I just love to be with people that are driven by their dreams and passion in everything that they do.

Sechszylinder Art on INSTAGRAM

Interesting name? Sechszylinder means six cylinder in German and it comes from iconic six cylinder Porsche engine. Porsche for me is like the perfect combination between art and automotive world: those lines, colors, shapes and emotions – it’s indescribable. Starting from now our events, BBQs and daily talks will be surrounded by some the drop-dead gorgeous automotive sketches.  We are planning the first event already 18th of December. If you are interested to join us in the OBS Germany Base, let me know because there are only 20 spots that are filling up quickly.

GP Ice Race

I went to GP Ice Race on 2020 and it was a unique trip of 2800 km and some incredible memories: a classy event that was extremely well organized with great emotions and extraordinary participants. Three exciting days of motorsports under extreme conditions and and exception atmosphere under the Alps.

If you want to see some rarest Porsche classic models and get to know their history – make sure to mark the last weekend of January on your calendar (28th – 30th) Zell am See, Austria. The Ice Race is home to modern GT and rally vehicles, and my Orange Beast is getting ready for the event too.

As Curves magazine has stated, there are two types of owners in the automotive world – those who tuck up their sports cars in their heated and dehumidified garages as soon as the first snowflakes fall tentatively from the clouds, and those for whom the fun starts with the arrival of the snow, ice, and arctic temperatures.

I think that I definitely can see myself in that second group of people. And I think that the majority of other fanatics will be there at GP together with me

Information about ticket HERE

Actually, this is not all and I have some more surprises planned. First of all, my team has managed to book us a spot the One Boy’s Story tent will be placed. This means more time together with the club, more emotions, more BBQs and other great stuff.

And secondly, not only my Orange Beast is getting ready for this weekend. I have this crazy plan to get out more into the off-road world with Porsche.. This is why we are going to have Porsche Cayennes ready to reach Zell Am See through some hardly reachable paths.

Can you imagine the adrenaline rushing while riding these SUVs through forests or mountains?


A few weeks ago I visited Dubai and the biggest Porsche event of the year in this region – The Icons of Porsche. I was invited here by my friends from DRVN COFFE. These guys combine two classy experiences: quality coffee and Porsche cars. Can you think of a more iconic combo? If you are ever in Dubai, don’t miss the chance to go there. You won’t regret it, I promise. This place somehow reminds me of the OBS base where you can find a community, emotions and classics.


This weekend was a blast. Not only I had a chance to see the most Iconic Porsche models, but I was also happy to catch up with other Porsche aficionados from all over the world.

I was so glad to hear their stories and share mine – all under the same passion. It was a 2-day festival spanning 17,000 sqm set in the heart of Dubai Design District.

I was greeted with over 300 of the world’s most Iconic Porsche cars such as ’78 Moby Dick – 935/78 that got it’s nickname for the long tail, ‘98 Le Mans winner and much more.

This weekend was a reminder for me that even though everything goes towards virtual experiences, this is not the only way to see the world: the classics are here to stay for a long time. I can go to Sweden, Japan or any other place in the world, but it is clear to me that all the people that I meet have this similar yet dreamful mindset that I adore. 


I can definitely say that with these guys I was the last one to leave the event because of all the things we had to discuss. Ok,ok.. We were asked to leave. But I know that this is not the last time and see you soon! 

That’s all for today. And I hope to get that beer with you in Zell!


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