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Dmitrij Juvko, or Dima, is a passionate Porsche enthusiast. From humble beginnings, Dima worked hard and smart, built up his character, and turned his dreams into reality after buying his first Porsche at the age of 22.

Being focused and quick on his feet, Dima ‘graduated’ from his first Porsche model, the 944, to a 987 Boxster, then to a 911 4S in the span of a few years.

His Porsche collection now includes a range of models: from a Macan GTS which was gifted to his wife, to a 911 GT3 (991) as well as historic 911 models: ’77 Targa and a 911 SC. Time has come again for Dima to live by his passion – that’s why he packed his belongings, grabbed his wife and two kids, and moved to Germany in order to be closer to the spirit of the automotive legends.

Here is what I'd like to tell briefly as a guy whose life "crossed with Porsche" and then was developing one way.

I was born in a small Lithuanian town

Bought my first car (ZAZ 968M), which my parents didn’t know about. And the curious thing was that the car was with… a rear engine. Only now do I understand that this was not by chance.

I bought this car for the money, and this history of earning all the money by myself is a separate interesting story. In short, as the old saying goes: ‘A single thread from everyone – and there’s a shirt for a naked one’. At the same time, in parallel, I began to develop my ‘entrepreneurial spirit'. My father saw all this and wisely supported my ‘thorny Path to the Heights of Success’. In a similar way, speaking metaphorically, adult eagles teach their chicks to fly by pushing them out of the nest. Meanwhile, as if again ‘in parallel’, in the same 1999, I won first place in the national competition for the best essay. And the topic of this work was: ‘Car racing on a real track’. At that time, I saw in front of me all the smallest details of races, including the special tactics of the racers.
I went to work in Holland (to pick berries) to earn money for my first PORSCHE.

At that time, my desire to ‘earn’ was so great that I worked as much as I was allowed. I remember that I wore the same shorts all the time because I saved money instead of buying pants. I came back home after 3 months, but I still did not have enough money for a dream Porsche, and then I realized that working like this, I will never earn enough money to buy a Porsche car. At this point, I could only afford to buy a Ford Fiesta 1.1 and used it until I acquired (on occasion) Porsche 944, which, by the way, is still a relic in my current Porsche collection.
2004 to 2008
The university, the Transport Engineering Department. During my university years, I wanted to find out how a car operates ‘from the inside’.

I understood that without this knowledge, no talk of ‘Fast Driving’ can be carried on.
I began to work in the Porsche center, service department. Only at that time, I learned that Alfredas Kudla was the first Lithuanian racer who participated in the Porsche Cup motor racing competition with his car..

I went to Alfredas to work as a car washer and a mechanic and did not think about how much I will be paid for this job. I was happy to be every day next to Porsche and Alfredas. It was interesting to see who buys Porsche cars and how, to be aware of new products on the market, to watch what happens on the racing tracks. As the saying goes: ‘Looking at everything from inside’. Shortly speaking, I always and everywhere close to Alfredas.Now, looking back at my ‘One Boy’s Story’ journey, I can see the influence made on me by all these seemingly ‘the smallest details’.
This year, being almost 22 years old, I had to leave my job in a large and promising transport company because of its ‘management’, despite all my obvious efforts to do More and Better, they were not going to ‘raise my salary’ in the foreseeable future. At this very moment, the acquaintances of my elder brother offered me a Porsche 944, which, by the way, was in need of major repairs

However, this did not stop me. I bought a car and I started repairing it myself.
2008 I bought the Boxster 987. Just in ‘the very midst of a crisis’ and in the year when I established my first company

Nevertheless, I was eager to earn regardless of any obstacles. I remember well my father’s attitude to this purchase. He then said: ‘If you really want it, buy it’. And so I did, and very soon I began to earn so much that I no longer had to worry about bank charges for leasing. After some time, this Boxster was sold to my close childhood friend, who later on became ‘an avid Porsche fan’.
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2008 As matter of fact, it made ‘a Quantum Leap’ in ‘One Boy’s Story’.

I vividly remember how at the Porsche sales point of Alfredas Kudla, where, as you already know, I was working, this brand-new car passed ‘a test-drive’, after which I changed its tires. I also had a conversation with the owner of 997-4S at this Porsche sales point.To my question: ‘How to become ‘the owner’ of such a car’, he replied:‘There are 3 things that you, a boy, should better be aware of when investing in such cars: – When are you going to invest; – How much are you going to invest; – A period for which you are going to take the investment’. I remember that I was impressed with his answer, and soon, having earned the necessary amount, I found this man and … bought from him this Porsche 997-4S, whose mileage by now has already reached about 80,000 km.This car is also in my collection even today.
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I bought this car from my Porsche Mentor - Alfredas Kudla, the very person who led me from the Porsche on a poster to a Porsche car in my garage.

I remember showing him my first 944, which poured the oil on the passenger compartment of the car, and Alfredas said: ‘Well, there is some serious work to be done, but anyway -this is Porsche. This 911 SC model always stood next to the office of Alfredas, and I had to dust it off two times a week, admiring the beauty of this all-time classical model. Time has passed, and I bought this car from Alfredas, promising him that under no circumstances would I sell it.Now this car is another bright page in the ‘One Boy’s Story’. I bought this car together with my elder brother Andrius, who, by the way, is a big Porsche fan like my Father. Both of them are owners of the same cars.To this day, this car is still in my Porsche collection
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This car was a gift to my wife when she was pregnant. I always dreamed that the first ‘car sound’ of my child would be the unique Porsche sound.

The car was pedantically composed by me so that I could answer any questions of Porsche connoisseurs. On one hand, this vehicle is like a ‘family car’, although, it has all the Porsche features that can be demonstrated at any moment on the first demand. In this regard, the GTS option was chosen. The car puts a smile on every family member's face whenever we drive it together.
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I bought this car in 2018. Initially, it was owned by the famous Lithuanian racer Stasys Brundza. A long time ago, it was the first Porsche ever to be brought to the USSR. Stasys Brundza had the official permit to exceed the speeds allowed on the roads of the USSR.

It is interesting that back in 1982 my Father met Stasys Brundza, who gave him an unforgettable lift for several kilometers, leaving indelible impressions of the synergy between the car and the racer himself. Even after 36 years, this historical car has an honorable place in my collection. Can anybody help me explain, how all of this is possible at all?
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Well, I beg to ask: ‘Who else does not know about the legendary sport's history of this car?’ I dreamed about it silently, while simultaneously ‘digging up’ detailed information about this model from all possible and impossible sources of information.I should tell you that I bought my GT3 model from a girl I met at the intersection by the red light when we both were in Porsche driving seats.

It was this purchase that ‘made me take a decision’ to move to Germany because this country is the only area that boasts ideal conditions to fully enjoy all the advantages of this ‘Automobile Legend’.
Thus, my ‘One Boy’s Story’ will get its New Development here. And who knows, it may well be that more than one boy, having learned this Story, who will create his own ‘One Boy’s Story’ on the grounds of my experience.

That is how I moved to Germany in 2019 with my beloved pregnant wife and my five minutes to two-year-old daughter...

Dmitrij Juvko
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