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Autumn blues

To me, fall seems a quite a nostalgic period of the year. The change in weather is always a really good time to go inward and focus on what needs more attention in helping us show up as the best versions of ourselves. This is why I decided to gather some fun moments from the last few months and added some tips at the end of it. Here is what you will find in this season’s newsletter:

  • New Chapter in life
  • ADAC 1000 Kilometer Race
  • Money 2020 Experience
  • Tips when buying a classic car

My new chapter

The word is out and I feel excited to say that One Boy’s Story is starting the new chapter near the OBS Germany Base where I just moved into my new house together with my whole family. I feel like I’ve come to the Porscheland, where I’m a student, learning to rediscover the environment and myself. It’s not at all scary to admit it out loud to all of you, but I really know that all the new insights will be shared here as well.

It still feels quite surreal but I must say that I have that gut feeling that the world around One Boy’s Story is going to explode soon (but in a very positive sense if you ask). OBS activities are expanding globally and this definitely means more time on various European tracks with my buddies and more events for the community. I must say that I had this shift of life in my mind for a while now and it finally feels that everything is falling where it belongs to. Back in my childhood years, I wrote an essay about watching the races on the real tracks on TV and dreaming about being there. And I finally did it by moving here.

I even started some new activities, such as riding the bike every morning to get to know my surroundings better. Who knows, maybe the OBS rides will also have some days on the cycling path as well. Did you know that Porsche has also designed bicycles?

ADAC 1000 Kilometer Race

For the first time in 1953, the ADAC 1000 Kilometer Race offered ultimate long-distance racing action in the Eifel region – this year (on September 17 and 18), the challenge for man and machine returned to the Nürburgring. Check out the history of this motorsport event here. This year, first across the finish line was the team in the Porsche 934/5. The  race was the return of a traditional event to an incomparable place – the Green Hell. And we had a chance to catch all of it.

This weekend was really special: together with the squad not only we managed to check out the main highlights at Nürb but we also started the engines of our Porsche oldies to visit the main beauties around.  During the weekend of racing, we saw some unique cars that soon will only be seen in magazines. Being able to have a chat and learn the story of these cars owners makes you think again and reminds you that such cars need to be driven and enjoyed, not stored safely in the garage. When I asked the squad about what made the biggest impression this weekend, the first answer was “People. A group of enthusiasts with a passion for knowledge, experience and a desire to share it with others.” It says a lot about the emotion that lingered all around.

Money 2020

426 laps, 1840 km, and 15h of pure driving. This is the result of my participation in the conference Money2020 together with Kernolab last week. Money2020 is a global and the most important fintech event of the year and once we decided to participate here together with guys from Kernolab, I knew that this combination of our same-but-different mindsets would be a blast.

All the visitors had a chance to learn about OBS [E] MOTORSPORT equipment, virtual racing, championships as well as effective driving technologies by coach Gustas Grinbergas. It was so inspiring to see how visitors felt after trying the simulators out. You could sense it in the air that these emotions helped to bring out the dreams and that inner child of theirs. The more people hear about my story and OBS philosophy, the more I understand that it is like a global language that unites a lot of different spheres and different people together. It’s that passion that helps you to move forward.

Introducing OBS [E] Motorsport

As it’s autumn again and with the season change, I think it’s the best time to get back on track with my driving skills. And I hope that working on it together with my teammates will add even more excitement. I’ve heard that some more races are coming soon, so no excuses here, let’s get to that podium!

I’ve decided to put even more attention into this field and launch a new project called OBS [E] MOTORSPORT. Starting from this month you will find new training plans for eRacing and more opportunities to visit TOP tracks together with the OBS community.

We have a lot of opportunities prepared not only to strengthen your individual skills but some more opportunities for enterprises as well.

If you want to learn more about the newly prepared plans or get in shape for your next track visit – click the button below.

Tips when buying a classic car

We’ve already discussed this topic on social media, but I think there’s still something to talk about! If you are interested in a classic car, here I will discuss the most important things you need to know:We can talk a lot about how a car should be searched, which market is best to look for, or how long it takes for it to be restored.

But the most important aspects are certainly not these. When choosing, it is always important to invest a lot of time in choosing the right model for you. I would suggest trying as many options on the range of models as possible to feel which emotion is closest to your heart. Because they vary a lot. Car experts or relevant fan clubs of this particular model can help you to do this.

Just search for the best opportunities to go to classic car events and communicate with the owners. These personal stories are truly invaluable and will allow you to understand all the principal troubles and joys of first hand. Every Porsche car has its own DNA, just like a human, so once you hear these personal narratives, it will help you to open your eyes and feel by heart which car is the closest to you.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to live your life to the fullest, push that pedal to the metal and take a break when needed.


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Autumn blues

To me, fall seems a quite a nostalgic period of the year. The change in weather is always a really good time to go inward

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