Hi, I’m Dmitrij Juvko,

It’s my Boy’s story created and written by myself. I want to show by my example that we all have that passionate “boy/girl” deep inside and we can be proud about this.

OBS is the way I live, my lifestyle, true me. I had a dream, now I’m living it and simultaneously learning more about Porsche history, subtle driving nuances, as well as ways to enjoy Porsche every day or on special long distance trips with my family.

I want to share my proficiency and invite you to get to know Porsche brand better while going deeper into autosport and excelling your driving skills.

Dmitrij Juvko


OBS Racing Team

This is a community Team of OBS.CLUB Members only.
Racing team, led by coach Gustas Grinbergas who is Leman’s series driver, grow together in the discipline of a sport’s team, train with professional simulators, excel their driving skills and participate in simulator races.